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The Bombay Parsi Panchyat Fertility Project has now been taken up on a National level by the Indian Government and the Parzor Foundation and is called the “Jiyo Parsi Scheme”.

The Jiyo Parsi Scheme comprises of two components:

Advocacy Component
This involves counseling of Parsi families

  • To encourage early marriages among the community youth.
  • To get treatment for medical issues from puberty onwards.
  • To allow for parenthood at the right time.
  • To approach for assistance to treat infertility as soon as the problem is detected.


Medical Component
This involves treating fertility related issues as soon as they are detected.

  • Financial assistance would be provided for investigation and detection of infertility.
  • Counseling and fertility treatment will be offered to Parsi couples after their fertility problem is medically detected.
  • Financial assistance will be provided for the Infertility treatment.

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