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  • Do pass this on to all the Parsi Couples you know in Mumbai please.
    This Jiyo Parsi organised event is going to be a great workshop with lots of fun and food for thought. Its run by professionals and will cover issues ranging from sexuality to acquiring effective communication skills, through techniques including Role enacting, games , riddles and dream interpretation. Free lunch and snacks(Courtesy Parzor).

    Its going to be great at boosting confidence and teaching how to cope in social and personal situations. All in all a transformative experience-not to be missed.

    Jiyo Parsi Workshop on Family Life in +the 21st Century
    at Della Towers Conference Hall, Dadar Parsi Colony, on +2nd August( +Saturday) 9.30am to 5pm,
    Please ring Ms Pearl 9822291743 and Dr Katy Gandevia 9819140820

    Niloufer Shroff

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