RTI inaugurates Bambino Nursery

RTI is proud to officially announce the inauguration of their Bambino Nursery which is situated on the first floor the RTI building on Hughes Road. It enrolls children from 2 years to 6 years and prepares them for entrance into a high school of the individual’s choice. The teachers are well trained and guided by the headmistress who has 30 years of experience in the teaching field.

Bambino Nursery believes in allowing the child to progress at his/her own pace. Here the child is allowed to explore his/her five senses through various child friendly and age appropriate apparatus. The child is encouraged to express him/herself in English and exposed to practical life activities – e.g. poring, buttoning, lacing etc. these activities are designed to make the child independent and develop his/ her ability to concentrate and co-ordinate his/her movements both fine and gross motor skills.

Reasoning and problem solving skills, number skills, environmental and General Knowledge are all taught through specially prepared material and environment in school. Great stress is laid on Value Education, Art and Craft, and special activities like Yoga, Fit Kid, sports and games, singing, music and movement etc which forms a regular feature of the curriculum. A special play area has been designed for the children, which along with being a “Fun” place, also fine tunes their gross motor skills. The classrooms are big, colourful and airy and designed keeping the child in mind. The teachers are sensitive to each child’s individual needs, thus making RTI Bambino Nursery a happy and cheerful place for children.


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