Gharab nu Achaar (FishRoe Pickle)

Gharab nu Achaar  (FishRoe Pickle)

My mom’s recipe –  simple but very  delicious

Ingredients :

1 Nice fat big gharab (Pair of 1 Big FishRoe)

½ cup Garlic sliced very fine

4 tabsp. Kashmiri Chilli Powder (or to taste)

3 tabsp.Roasted Cummin Powder

1 tsp. Turmeric Powder

2” piece of Cinnamon (or cinnamon powder)

Salt to taste

½ cup Sugar-Cane Vinegar (u may add little more if not strong)

¾  cup Oil


For Boiling

2  tsp oil

½  Haldi (turmeric)

5  cloves of garlic chopped

1 tsp vinegar

Little Salt


Very carefully Clean the Gharab  well, removing the blood from veins. Bring water to boil the water with oil,  turmeric, vinegar salt and cloves. Slip in Gharab and let it cook on a very slow flame on one side, turn on gently and cook the other side till nice and firm.  Remove from water and put it on a sieve to drain out the water. (Do not discard the water use to make your fish curry J) After it cools down a bit cut it into desired slices with sharp knife, you should always have a knife sharpener on hand and use it regularly between cuts.  You may if you wish,  fry each piece of Gharab and keep it aside, but this makes the Gharab little tough yet tasty.

Heat oil in a pan to smocking point, immediately lower the flame.  Stir in garlic (don’t let it brown) after a few seconds add Chilli, Turmeric and Cummin Powders stir.  Do not let the masala burn, pick up the pan away from fire and stir.  Put the pan back on slow flame and add salt, cinnamon and pieces of Gharab.  Once you add the Gharab continue to stir very gently on the slow flame till the liquid dries up.  Add vinegar and stir till bubbles form on top.  Remove from flame do not cover and let it cool to room temperature. Remove Cinamon. Store preferably in a glass jar.  If you need more masala you can increase the quantity proportionately.

If you want to store it outside the fridge then you may have to add more oil…..heat oil, cool and then add.

Enjoy a slice with every meal.

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