Cooking eggs the Parsi way

Eggs and us
As the Parsis had hobnobbed with the British, they have always been egg-friendly. Also, because Parsis have a rich background in baking, which was their traditional profession in Persia, eggs are integral to their cooking.
— Kurush Dalal

Memories galore
This recipe was my all-time favourite as a child, growing teenager, and now, in my early fifties. I cannot forget a day when mum (Perzen’s nani) had asked me, what would you like to take to college and I would quickly say — Sali Per Eedu. I got the secret from my younger brother, Rayomand, who visited me in New Zealand in 2009 while I was fighting for my life against Leukaemia. All the 21 days that he stayed with us and asked me what I would like to eat, I chose only this.”
— Shernaz Petigara, Perzen Patel’s mother, Bawi Bride

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