It is interesting to note that the expected cyclic cataclysm is currently gaining popularity in the media. An eventual doomsday scenario keeps surfacing. Attention is subsequently focused on varied “vaba”, meaning eruptions of pestilences that accompany these cyclic global cataclysms. 

Many may not have heard the words “Vaba-e Atashak”. I have learnt the word from Kshnoomic teachings. “Vaba” connotes pestilence. “Atashak” indicates ailments such as heat, burns, and cancerous growths caused by radiation or heat. “Vaba-e Atashak” refers to all pestilences or ailments arising out of radiation. There are different kinds of pandemics, one such is the Ebola virus which is spreading currently in many parts of the world. Ebola is not caused by radiation but when Nature’s balance maintained by the elements of fire, water, air and earth is disrupted, many sicknesses surface. 

We know that Atash, the Divine Energy of Ahura Mazda, is at the root of all Creation. Without energy, nothing exists! The Universe is a web of energy of different grades and kinds. Even in water, the “seed” of fire exists which is called “Apam Napat”! There is fire within the elements of earth and air also. When lightning strikes, we see the air being charged with electrical impulses. The earth’s fire is the molten lava inside the Earth! And so, Fire pervades throughout Nature.

As Ahura Mazds’s Son, Atash is the main element in creation and the one that propels all creation towards Frashogard by purifying and alchemizing matter to spirit. Atash is spiritual as well as physical; its physical state is the embodiment of Asha Vahishta, the Fire we consecrate and install as our Atsh Padshahs! Essentially, at the appointed hour of every “kiyamat” (end of the world), Atash has a major role to play; e.g. in the sinking of Atlantis, in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Herculaneum and Pompeii, Atash was the main agent. In the anticipated “kiyamat” also, Atash, as a purifier, in any form of energy state, be it nuclear or otherwise, will clear the way for a new and righteous beginning after eliminating the existing decline in spiritual and moral values. 

Whenever mankind loses touch with spirituality and becomes immoral, Nature, through its immutable laws of Asha, wipes out the spiritually defunct civilization. In general, apocalypses begin with fire, subsequently causing watery deluge and upheavals in the Earth’s crust that finally result in the eventual weakening of the earth’s electro-magnetic force field. The Poles shift positions, climate changes, and a new period dawns for humanity beginning with new planetary influences, even the Pole star changes. This cyclic event of destruction and rejuvenation is periodic and astronomically accurate as regulated by the precise cosmic clock. 

It is necessary to take into account the fact that while mankind’s thoughts and actions affect Nature, the Planetary Cycles existing in Nature, likewise, produce reciprocal influence on human mentality. Just as the manifested Universe, or Nature, is the outcome of spirit and matter existing cohesively, the human constitution is likewise made up of spiritual as well as corporeal elements. Through the spiritual and corporeal “bodies”, we partake of both the physical and spiritual worlds. Both the spiritual and physical worlds are interlinked within us and also outside of us. 

The atoms that constitute our physical body are of the same composition that the stars and planets are made of; therefore, as integral part and being the offspring of the Universe, our consciousness is one with it because Life or consciousness, as energy, transcends the space-time continuum. Deeds performed in the physical world have reciprocal consequences in the spiritual world; and likewise, the spiritually progressive or regressive planetary influences intimately bear upon the development of human mentality. 

It is established that whatever events take place in the spiritual world, find their reflection in the proto-physical and physical worlds also. We accept that all physical diseases are primarily generated in the proto-physical bodies first as in the saying, “mind over matter”. The ailments we suffer originate primarily from the “urvan” or the soul and begin to progress from the proto-physical bodies to the physical body. Therefore, “Vaba-e Atashak” has its influence in our physical, as well as proto-physical bodies from the spiritual counterpart. 

Physical Aspect: As “Vaba-e Atashak” refers to pestilences caused by radiation, let us determine the role of radiation in transmuting matter to energy as part of the nuclear workings of Nature to bring about Frashogard. Matter is perpetually irradiated to a variety of energy states through Nature’s laboratory called the Sun (Meher Yazad). At the very moment of Creation (Big Bang), the brilliant manifestation of “Athra Puthra Ahurahe Mazdao” occurs and the energy released subsequently generates waves of different cosmic energies, each creating its own “field” or circumference which we call “kash” or spiritual boundary. 

The Sun, or Meher Yazad, is the Giver of Life. Sun is Nature’s laboratory where, for billions of years, fission and fusion of atoms is carried out in a naturally occurring process to sustain life in various forms. The Sun spreads energy, through fission, into our solar system, by which life on Earth, as we know it, exists. Solar radiation in its natural form is not lethal because the energy released by the Sun in natural quantity, is filtered through the various atmospheric layers called in the Avesta as “dakhyus”. This fission and fusion takes place in accordance of the Divine Will to promote Frashogard. Therefore, radiation or fission/fusion in its natural state is beneficent. Similarly, our body is composed of cells; when the energy within the cells of our body is naturally discharged, it sustains our physical body and produces a chain-reaction of fission and fusion similar to that taking place within the Sun. After all, we are the replica, or the microcosm of the greater macrocosm! 

However, an atom is more than a unit of energy. It is a spiritual entity; it is a unit of consciousness in the continuum of life! Therefore, splitting an atom artificially and releasing its energy (consciousness) before the atom’s evolutionary cycle is fully evolved, becomes disastrous. Any energy (consciousness) discharged before its time is maleficent because it disturbs the balance of energy maintained in Nature. By creating this imbalance of energy in Nature, mankind promotes several different “vaba”, ailments. Artificial fission violates the fundamental law of Asha to progressively evolve all entities (atoms are also entities) to a state of spiritual perfection in harmony with Nature. 

When we refer to “Vaba-e Atashak”, we refer to radiation that is destructive to humanity since it is artificially created; hence anti-evolutionary, anti-spiritual and definitely harmful. Since the first artificial fission of atom that took place at Nagasaki and Hiroshima, mankind has unleashed one of the most destructive forces in the Universe. In a nuclear explosion, an atom, as a spiritual entity, having its own consciousness and evolutionary process to go through, is abruptly destroyed, “killed”, by artificial fission, which consequently destroys other human lives. This unnatural fission creates an enormous amount of high-level, artificial radiation that can destroy the cells of our physical body since it is artificial and does not go through the gradual process of filtration as in the case of solar radiation which filters through the atmospheric layers. The karmic effects of nuclear fission have polluted the life-giving sacred waters, soil, and air. We are killing ourselves by destroying the very atoms that are the building blocks of the Universe! By destroying Nature, we only destroy ourselves!

When mankind split the atom for personal gains, a mini apocalypse was created that not only shattered the electro-magnetic force-field around the split atom, but through cosmic repercussions, it destroyed the “kash”, the “ring-pass-not”, that is defined by Asha/Nature itself to maintain law and order in Nature. When the “kash” or force fields are destroyed, there is spiritual destruction. “Kash” or boundaries around atoms (spiritual entities containing consciousness) exist so that evolution of consciousness progresses in ordained stages from various planes of consciousness that makes up the spectrum of space-time continuum. To give an example, one cannot jump straight from the first step of the ladder to the ninth! Steps have to be gradually climbed otherwise one is sure to fall and get hurt!

Energy released by one nuclear explosion is enough to create major imbalance in the atmosphere that reaches far into space. During the Sun Spots, there is greater radiation released by the Sun and the influence is felt on Earth by accelerating phenomena of earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, famine, escalated crime and fluctuations in birth-death rates. Similarly, nuclear experiments and greenhouse effects have not just caused a hole in the ozone layer of Earth’s atmosphere, but have influenced the field or “kash” around the Earth itself to weaken. When this happens, it is easier for any foreign objects such as comets and meteorites to bear their astral influences in greater proportion on the Earth and humanity. Skin cancer, eye diseases, etc. are on the rise.

Allegorically, we can say that Azi-Dahak, the personification of total evil, who is chained by Faridoon Padshah at Mount Damavand on the advice of Sarosh Yazad is set free of the “kash” in which he was securely imprisoned! Evil is rampant in the world today. To conquer Nature, when mankind tries to prematurely force energy from atoms, which are units of consciousness, Nature always wins! 

Today, most terrorist nations and terrorists are in possession of nuclear devices. In all, mega-tons of this destructive force are stored in the world today. Who knows when these devices will explode through natural calamities like earthquakes, or through some terrorist’s perverted reasoning and greed? This “vaba” will cause fiery heat, burns, thirst, and radiation that will make food and water unsafe. The cells, composed of the 4 elements, will create anti-life or malignancy. We are currently in the lowest period of transition (kaliyug), where materiality is predominant over spirituality. When the pendulum swings completely towards materiality, Nature will bring it back towards spirituality. Such an event may not be too far! 

Proto-physical Aspect: Man and Nature are inseparably linked through the spiritual, proto-physical and physical components. Nature is a stupendous whole; a part, which is Man, contains the sum of the whole!

Being an integral part of Nature, the interplay of energies working within and outside Man’s constitution, creates the immutable law of cause and effect. The energies contained in, and functioning through heavenly bodies, affect our physical world and mankind; simultaneously, the energies operating in a Man’s “keherp” (proto-physical body) also has the potency to influence cosmic outcome. Truly, Man’s thoughts, words and deeds have a cosmic bearing! They create reciprocal consequences in the interrelated physical, proto-physical and spiritual worlds. 

As elaborated, Man’s thoughts and heavenly cycles are interrelated; they have a consequential bearing on each other. When Earth’s electro-magnetic force field is weakened, as illustrated in the physical aspect, the force field, “aipee”, around Man is also weakened. Immorality sets in. It is explained that thought is energy. As energy or consciousness, thoughts are also “beings” because thoughts, generated through the nerve impulses, have the potentiality to generate a “keherp”, an etheric form that has its own vital energy! Our kerdar we see at chahrum is one such thought form, an ethereal body, we see as the accumulated thought form formed in the spiritual world! 

Mind (thought-power) is the controller of the physical body; it is also the instrument of the Spirit. It is the intermediary between the physical and spiritual. By corrupting thoughts, mankind has created a field of lethal “goobars”, shapes, or thought-forms in the proto-physical world, with inescapable consequential results in the spiritual and physical worlds as well. During the Kiyanian times, when sorcery and evil were rampant, one such “goobar” manifested in the shape referred to as “Tur-bar-Atur”. The dark forces tormented Geush Urvan and Asho Zarathushtra, a Divine Yazad, was sent down to the physical realm to shatter this “goobar” which would have otherwise spiritually corrupted the entire humanity, in turn, destroying Mother Earth as well! 

Currently, we have created a similar adverse situation for the Earth and humanity through our lack of spiritual and moral values. Since thought is energy, it includes heat, light, momentum. The collective thought-form of humanity has created “Vaba-e Atashak” in the proto-physical that is discharging its adverse effects on the human psyche, negatively affecting our physical and metaphysical health, as well as spirituality. 

Spiritual Aspect: As already established and illustrated, the nature of the spiritual aspect of “Vaba-e Atashak” may be explained by taking into account the fact that the 3 worlds – spiritual, proto-physical and physical are created in order to progress the souls on their long spiritual journey from these realms, back to Ahura Mazda from whence they came. The spiritual and corporeal worlds are united through the proto-physical; therefore, Hasti and Geti are interlinked through Nisti; similarly, the spiritual within us is conjoined to the physical through the 3 proto-physical bodies called keherp, tevishi, and ushtan. Deeds performed in corporeal world, through thought have resulting consequences in the spiritual and physical parts of human constitution, as well as in the spiritual, proto-physical and physical worlds. 

It is very important to think good thoughts today, more so than at any other time in human history! We know, more specifically through the Holy Vendidad, that at every “kiyamat”, i.e. mini or major destruction, the best and the purest “seeds” (specimens) are always preserved by Nature to regenerate the new dawn of a more spiritually elevated humanity. Today, in the kali yuga, the fourth period called the Age of Iron, what we do and think attains double the merit of what must have been done in the yugas of the past. In kali yuga, everything good is submerged and unrighteousness gains strength! Therefore, we have to be very cautious about our thoughts and keep them focused on righteousness as much as and as far as possible! These creations of our own mind, called “kerdar” will greet us in the spiritual world! It is spiritually essential that our thoughts should not promote more adverse effects on Nature. Our thoughts do ultimately influence Nature for good or for worst; therefore, let us give Geush Urva the strength, the hope through thoughts that as before, Divine Intervention through cycles in Nature, will bring better times ahead!

These days, people are also interested to know about predictions. Ustad Saheb Behramshah Naoroji Shroff has predicted many events; many have come true. Some of the future predictions are that when the time comes closer for a worldwide cataclysm, sea water will become “sweet”! It is already happening. The glaciers are melting due to global warming and a large amount of fresh water is going into the seas lessening the salinity content. This will alter the sea currents which depend upon global water temperatures. Due to global warming even the air currents will shift! He also said that all kinds of pollutions will increase exponentially. Truth will be suppressed; evil be more dominant. The good will suffer more. All “motors” will stop; meaning all electrical gadgets will stop. This happens when the poles collide and the earth’s force-field is reversed! There will be a war (nuclear) which will start from the Middle-East. There will be darkness on Earth for a long time. (When Ustad Saheb made these predictions, there was no nuclear energy discovered or the Atom bomb blasted!) This darkness will be due to the nuclear fall-out! After this, a Savior will appear! Hope this comes to pass soon! The Golden Age will dawn again and mankind will step into a newer better world!

Pervin J. Mistry


Courtesy : Hushang Vakil


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