Calculations of each Gahs for doing Kasti

Tea making time & Calculations of each Gahs / Gehs for doing Kasti

This has been sent to me by the author/lecturer, Mr. Darius Umrigar. I attended his lecture at the Dadar Agiary on Sept. 6th, Saturday, Behram Roj. It was very interesting and I learn a lot!

What I liked the most was his mention of the morning tea! It is not just making the tea, but the thoughts that go with the making of this first cup of tea in the morning. While making the tea, we must think that we are attuning ourselves with all the Ameshaspands the first thing in the morning after our mandatory prayers!

  • The utensil is of metal and we think of Shehrevar Ameshaspand.
  • Water to make tea comes from Khordad;
  • the tea leaves remind us of Amardad!
  • The fire to boil the water is Ardibehesht;
  • the very thought to prepare tea represents Bahman!
  • The maker of the tea thinks of Ahura Mazda as we are His representatives on Earth.
  • And this earth on which the maker of the tea stands, which made the metal to make the utensil, which grew the tea leaves, carried the flowing waters to make the tea, makes it possible for the fire to be lighted, etc. is none other than Spenta Armaity or Asfandarmad Ameshaspand! What a lovely thought!

The times of each of the five Gahs is as under:-

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Courtesy : Kashmira Kapadia


  • Very very interesting & informative article.
    Thanks a million.

  • As per Aderbads DASturi will there be only 11000 Parsees ???& as regards Nirangs,for some it is effective & for some not.Do not understand what to pray in short time in this hective lifestyle.Some clarification is needed …

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