Articles in Upper Crust on Parsis and Food around Dahanu

Chikoo County In India
Dahanu is truly India’s chikoo county. A small, sleepy coastal town on the shores of the Arabian Sea in which Irani planters grow chikoos and lychees in little wadis close to the railway station.

Dairyland Off The Highway!

On the Bombay-Ahmedabad Highway, make sure you stop at Dairyland for a meal. The food is Gujarati and it is a wholesome vegetarian meal, with the goodness of Parsi lassi and kulfi, says Farzana Contractor.


Dahanu’s Only Irani Restaurant
JEHANGIR KERSI IRANI is the only Irani restaurateur in Dahanu. He serves the locals authentic Dhandar Patio and Kheema Papeta in his tiny Irani restaurant and delivers food parcels all over the coastal town.

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