Is the worship of Paria Mai and other Sprites & Fairies allowed in Zoroastrianism?


……..Over the last few days, there has been some discussion amoungst the various Zoroastrian groups and mailing lists about the ‘worship’ of somebody called ‘Paria Mai’ or a beneficent Sprite living in wells. Some Parsis have written passionately about the benefits derived from contacting Paria Mai or reciting a ‘story’ about her in return for any boon or desire one may want or have. An extract from a long message about Paria Mai is given below:

“Who is Paria Mai? She is an angel…queen angel…mother angel…big sister angel. She embodies all that is good, glorious, giving, generous… Paria Mai is worshipped every day, but Paria Mai’s power day is Tuesday. From the plane of Saturn, if her devotees ask for anything truly especially on Tuesday…Paria Mai enthrones at the door of her devotee’s house…removes physical ailments, mental problems and financial worries…she along with the tender, beautiful …Bibi Sessumbi, Bibi Haziri and Bibi Murad are beseeched… may you live and love with Paria Mai from this day…”

The following questions arise: Who really is Paria Mai? Is this a Zoroastrian phenomenon? Can such worship be called Zoroastrian? Is it correct for Parsis to follow such practices? Is there any evidence or reference in the Avesta scriptures for this kind of practice? Did our Master, Ustad Saheb Behramshah Shroff give any clarification or revelation about such instances?

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with the concluding paras that state :

Our precious Avesta has hundreds of Nirangs and prayers which cover the entire range of human needs and wants. Even our most basic prayers have the power to bring for their reciter the best blessings of Ahura Mazda. As such, there is no need to gravitate towards any form of idol worship, sprite worship or engaging in supernatural behaviour. Patience and contentment are great virtues. Modern life is so competitive and bench-marking is so rampant that the urge for material possessions is very great. We all feel the need to own something better and bigger than everyone else has. This unhealthy trend of conspicuous consumption, rank materialism and media displays of vulgar wealth and flashy lifestyles all lead to a feeling of inadequacy amongst normal middle class citizens who then rush for magic cures, fake Babas and the worship of supernatural wonder-workers.

God is not oblivious to our needs, but He knows best as to when someone deserves something and in what quantum. Thus it is best to pray with a clean conscience, ask for whatever one may want but accept the Will of God with contentment and deep faith. This is the only way to survive and prosper spiritually in this world. It is my earnest request that readers of Frashogard will forward this article with as much, if not more intensity among their Parsi friends so that this unhealthy and un-Zoroastrian mode of worship is not encouraged in our community.

Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram

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