Mahzarin Banaji | Zooming in on blind spots

The psychologist who studies the science of prejudice on exploring subconscious attitudes and the conflict within the mind.


Participating in a series of tests put forward by the speaker—Mahzarin Banaji, the Richard Clarke Cabot professor of social ethics at Harvard University—the audience watched the results with disbelief. An overwhelming majority of the corporate crowd who believed they held no explicit prejudices along race, class or gender lines, found they carried the biases sub-consciously. Banaji, a psychologist and scientist who studies the science of prejudice, was trying to drive home the point to bankers and corporate executives that unintentional preferences and favouritism, which she calls “blind spots” of individuals, eventually has an impact on the way their companies function.

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  • Wow! what a mouthful load of boring ‘BS’.
    Scientist huh? How fascinating.
    “No children out of choice?”……..Great choice that.
    Married a Tamilian…..etc; and even better choice.
    What a giant leap for the dwindling Parsi community.
    Interesting drivel.
    From above you may safely conclude, no blind spots here but complete loss of sight, that I would fare miserably in that IAT-related test & need to hop onto a couch.
    Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn…..with apologies to HB.

  • Last line above, please read as CG & not HB.

    • First she (Ms. M Banaji ) should explore the distinct discrimination practised by her husband’s community wherein they have cornered the whole job market in India and Gulf by simply ganging against members of other communities. Their crap argument is that they are intelligent and hardworking. If so India would have been the most developed country and a super super power.

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