The Steamer commissioned by Ludvig Noble was named “ZOROASTER”

These days Alfred Noble is in news. You probably did not know that the world’s first Bessemer steel ship was named “ZOROASTER”.

Zoroaster was the world’s first Bessemer steel ship and got its name from the fire worshippers’ prophet Zarathustra, which also became the Branobel’s company symbol.

The article provides very interesting information. Some of ships built were named Buddha, Brahma, Mohammed, Sokrates, Darwin, etc.

The steamer was christened, Zoroaster, after the fire worshippers’ prophet, Zarathustra, who was also to become Branobel’s company symbol.

The religion of the Zoroasters was fashionable and many Europeans were interested in it.

Interesting article.

The transport of oil on the waterways from Baku to the market in Europe required fresh ideas. With his experiences of building tankers for the Russian navy, Ludvig Nobel became the first person to design and order a tanker built of steel. In 1877, an order was placed at Motala works’ shipyards in Norrköping. The vessel was named Zoroaster, after the Iranian philosopher, Zarathustra, whose theses were very popular among Europeans of the time.

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