• Humbandegi means “Joint Enslavement”, (“Bande” means Slave if you know your Persian) a word pointing to a concept that is most Un-Zoroastrian. But many Parsis are happy using Un-Zartoshti words and concepts just so that they can bask in their old glories and not have to think much about the fact that they are ordered to Refresh their Din (World Vision) rather eat moldy and stale ones while chanting “Faith of our fathers holly faith – We shall be true to you till death”.

    • To the best of my knowledge, bandagi means prayer and humbandagi would be joint prayer

      • In what language “Bandegi” means “Prayers” ?
        If “Bandegi” comes from Persian, it means “Enslavement”.
        It may not have a bad meaning in religions who do wish their adherents to be “Bande” (slaves), but it is good for us Zoroastrians to make a point that we do not wish to be Bande as Freedom of Choice is the biggest gift that our Mantran has given us.
        We have the word “Hamazoor” which means “United in Strength” which is a wonderful concept and the liberal segment of the religion could use that.

  • I revere the Jashn-e-Aban and it is a most sacred day for me, so please don’t get me wrong if I made a comment about the word Humbandegi in my previous post.

  • sorry I did not use my name , but the message was appropriate. not only that ,on 26oct 2014 when I opened my email the contents were different.

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