Sohrab Modi

Of late I have shared some moments going down memory lane and, once again, having stumbled on the following, memories of Sohrab Modi as the great actor, a good friend of my father and with whom, as a young boy I had been on stage in the old Excelsior Cinema, came flooding to my mind.  — Ronnie Patel, Berlin


  • Sohrab Modi was my father’s cousin. Reading this brought back my memories when he lifted me up in his arms when I was just a kid when he was shooting a film. A wonderful person and kind man.

  • Ronnie Patel–‘dikra’ (uncle actually)…… when were you a young boy,1940s-50s-60s, & had been on stage in old Excelsior Cinema ???

    Have some fond memories of both, old Excelsior & Rex Cinemas, both of which have been pulled down a long time ago, around 1970???maybe.

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