Qissa-e-Parsi: The Parsi Story

Qissa-e-Parsi: The Parsi Story.
FYI … A film by Ketatun’s nephew Zal Cowasji’s daughter Divya …. 
A high-res link to Divya and her colleague, Shilpi’s film on the Parsis, commissioned by the Ministry of External Affairs, and produced by the Public Service Broadcasting Trust of India (PSBT), is now available at 
For those of you interested in watching it, hope you enjoy it.
Courtesy : Tehemton B Adenwalla

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  • I was born a Parsi,in Bombay in 1950 to a Parsi father and an English mother.He met my mother during WW2 in the U.K. where he was serving on the British Naval ship King George Fifth.When he returned to India with my mother and they had me and my brother Jal.When we were of age to have our Navjote the Dasturjis refused to do it.Thankfully a great number of wonderful Parsis insisted it be done.This is in 1962.I fell in love and married an Ismaili man in Bombay,but could not have my two daughters either introduced or even become Parsis.This introduction to The Parsis is beautiful and truly makes me proud to have been born a Parsi.My dad’s name is Sorab Mehta and his brother is Dorab,who married Jehroo Mehta,who wrote the book,101 Parsi recepies by Jehroo Mehta.She still lives in Bombay.Thank you.I am proud to have been born A Parsi.Susan(Zubeen)Premji(Mehta).

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