Dr Navroze Patel’s Urdu poetry in Anup Jalota’s newest ghazal album

Jalota said, “I am mostly known for my bhajans and other film songs, but even ghazals are close to my heart and this album is a soothing melodious treat to all my fans and music lovers.” The ghazals have been written by Dr Navroze Patel, a Parsi doctor who also pens poetry in Urdu language.

See more at: http://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/screen/anup-jalotas-releases-his-newest-ghazal-album/#sthash.xSVKUHUp.dpuf

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  • This is a disappointment, Yazdi.

    I wanted to know about N Patel. Where is he from? How does he know Urdu?

    How old is he? Has he published?

    If you get me jhis contact detaisl, I’ll interview him.



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