Maestro Adi Tamboli

This is music that soothes the savage breast. It’s what you want to hear when you’re unwinding after a difficult day. When you’re relaxing over a cup of tea. When you simply want to drift away and bask in melody, harmony, rhythm and magic.

You can hear the previews of all songs by clicking on the bottom left link. Quite a few of these songs remind me of Hindi Film Songs ! The song titles are also in tune….

Anyways, the music is very soothing 🙂

Click Here and enjoy

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  • Hi Yazdi

    i have gone to and heard the previews.

    Do you know this guy? Not just some, but each and every one of the tunes, are straight lifts from some old Hindi movie.

    I do hope he has taken requites clearances from the copyright owners.

    With best regards, dara

    On Sat, Nov 8, 2014 at 11:44 AM, Parsis, Iranis, Zarathushtis – ALL Under

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