We must recognise the contributions of our minorities

A sense of belonging: ‘We must recognise the contributions of our minorities’


The Parsi community in Karachi has always been small, but it has gifted an unmistakable legacy to the city. They have left their mark on the metropolis, especially in its older parts, with their contributions ranging from education, with formidable establishments such as Mama Parsi Girls Secondary School, BVS Parsi School and NED University, to healthcare, encompassing institutions such as Lady Dufferin Hospital, Spencer Eye Hospital, the Goolbai maternity homes and the Dinshaw Dispensary. The Metropole Hotel, though past its day, has long been a Karachi reference point and the Jehangir Kothari Parade in Clifton is a distinctive landmark. Yet the community’s generosity often goes overlooked by the city’s inhabitants.

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