Ideal Chef for Parsi Delights

The Parsis are a small community with a rich culinary heritage that a lot of people don’t have a clue about. Recently, Bangalore was treated to an array of authentic Parsi dishes whipped up by none other than the legendary Parvez Patel, at Cubbon Pavilion at ITC Gardenia. Chef Patel has been serving Parsi food in many cities, over the years, as part of ITC’s food festivals and promotions.

Parsi cuisine is a tantalising mix of Persian food influenced by Gujarati style of cooking and is popular in western India. The curries are spice laden and  flavoured  with nuts and apricots. The Parsis, a fun-loving and hard working people,  have always loved their food  and have been  passionate about it.

Meeting the quiet, soft spoken and unassuming  Parvez Patel is a delightful experience. He is a treasure of culinary secrets and is known for keeping alive Parsi recipes, handed from one generation to the next, at his restaurant, Ideal Corner in Mumbai. He makes you realise that there is more to Parsi food that mutton dhansak! Now, that’s a happy thought.

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