Medical Aid Assistance Sought

Pls help Navzad as it maybe a cure for other hopefuls too.
To all my family and friends around the world,
The members of the Australian Zoroastrian Association are joining forces to urgently raise funds to support the Engineer family in Sydney.
Navzad Engineer has been undergoing treatment for brain tumours over the past few years, and as part of ongoing treatment, has been recommended a new medication available in the US at a cost of $20,00 every three weeks, in addition to ongoing expenses.
This treatment is not subsidised by the Australian government, and both his parents are now full-time carers for their son as he requires round-the-clock care. As such, the family is under huge emotional and financial distress. It would be much appreciated if you could please spread the word and donate generously. Bank details are as follows:

Financial Institution: ANZ Bank
Account Number: 012266 198912143
Account Name: Mr & Mrs V Engineer
I would request all to forward these details as someone can surely help.
Thank you
Regards Daulat Dolly Shahlori J..P.
Courtesy: Daulat- Dolly Shahlori <>

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