The Path of Zarathustra


There is no belief without believers. A young woman, Oorvazi, born into Zoroastrianism, the religion of her forefathers leaves the isolation of her remote home when her grandfather with whom she lives alone dies. He leaves her a mysterious message and an even more mysterious book. Oorvazi journeys to Mumbai, the city where the dwindling Zoroastrian community, an endangered species of believers lives. She is welcomed in her aunt’s house by her aunt’s adopted son who confesses that he still loves her.

The meaning of the mystery her grandfather has left her with is revealed in layers as Oorvazi comes across figures from the historical past of the Zoroastrians. The mystery of the book too is revealed. Are these figures and the magical book real or figments of a philosophical imagination? Does her quest end in love or in understanding – or are these interchangeable or ultimately the same?

Director’s Note

As a Parsi Zoroastrian film maker, faced with the prospect of extinction, in this narrative film I turn to my roots to ask some questions, seek some answers. As an auteur I also extend my contribution in playing the role of the protagonist in the film. Parsis being the followers of the First Prophet – Zarathustra, the film through a fictional personal quest explores the Parsi Identity through the prism of Zoroastrian history and philosophy. The film is specific yet universal, addressing the theme of God and Religion. I am deeply grateful for the support and encouragement of our Parsi Philanthropists’ Consortium.

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  • Two points which need attention…….

    1) The phrase used…… Zarathustra ‘INVENTED GOD’ doesn’t sound respectful….how about “made the people aware of God’s presence” or a derivative of that…..??

    2) Tom Alter as the (gora) grandfather?? no problem… but if a ‘Sudreh & Kusti’ has to be worn then why can’t a Parsi be chosen to play the grandfather???
    If ‘goraness’ is a prerequisite, I’am sure there are still quite a few of those among the old Parsis.

    The concept seems fine otherwise.

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