The story of Udvada

The first boat, led by their High Priest, landed in Sanjan after a terrible storm around 720 AD. During the storm at sea, the Persians vowed to build a fire temple which they consecrated from 16 different sources such as a brick-maker’s kiln, a goldsmith’s fire, a baker’s oven, a shepherd’s house, a king’s house and a bolt of lightening.

It took three years to purify this fire, and after that it was placed in the Sanjan Fire temple, where it burned for 669 years, till the Mughals under Sultan Mahmud attacked Sanjan in the 13th century. 1,400 Parsis fought with the King’s army but were defeated. The sacred fire was then taken to Barhot Caves in the mountains and hidden there for 12 years. It was also tended to in the jungles of Vansda for 14 years, then in Navsari for 313 years, 3 years in Surat, back in Navsari for 5 years, then in Valsad for 1 year, until it reached Udvada in 1742.

This fire burns brightly and continuously in the Iranshah in Udvada from then until the present day although now the Parsi number a little over 64,000. Most go back to the little village of Udvada almost every year, to give thanks to the Holy Fire in coastal Gujarat where it all started almost 1,300 years ago. for more

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  • Why are dates, even correct names of places—NOT CONSIDERED very important whenever we talk History ???? This article has been filed under History as stated above, is shocking from ‘factual’ point of view.

    The first boats landed in Diu about 697 AD. After about 18 years stay in Diu the congregation proceeded to Sanjan, where they landed around 715 AD.

    Why this landing at Diu & the subsequent stay there, is usually forgotten & accounts of landing written as to show —- Sanjan as our first landfall after leaving Iran.

    Second distortion in 2nd. para being….. {{till the Mughals under Sultan Mahmud attacked Sanjan in the 13th century}} ……..

    I do not know from where you are getting your historical facts. It was only after Babur’s victory (in 16th.century) in the 1st. battle of Panipat on 21-April-1526 (over Sultan Ibrahim Lodi) that Mughal Rule was first established in India. There were Muslim rulers prior to Babur but they were NOT KNOWN/Called ‘Mughals’ as is mentioned in the said article.

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