Tirgaan and Gahambar Maidyo-Shahem

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Friday, November 28, Roj Tir and Mah Tir is the celebration of Tirgaan and also the second Gahambar, “Maidyo-Shahem“, dedicated to the Creation of Water!

This article on Tirgaan and Tir Yazad is by no means a detailed explanation. Also, the attachment regarding “Gahambar” in general, is fairly brief. Both subjects are vast and need a lot of time, understanding and concentration. It is sincerely recommended that one reads these two topics, Tir Yasht and Gahambars from Doctor Saheb Faramroze S. Chiniwala’s two books, Tir Yasht and Nikiz -e Vehdin, Vol. 2. Both are in Gujarati.

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Pervin Mistry



In the starry Heavens, Ahura Mazda has positioned 4 Guardians, i.e. the 4 Fixed Stars in the 4 Sacred Directions to protect the Good Creations from the armies of Angre-Mainyu. The sky is the sacred garment of Ahura Mazda and also of Ardibehesht Ameshaspand.

The 4 Guardians of the 4 Directions are:

1)     Teshtar Tir (Sirius) in the Eastern Sky, affiliated to Planet Mercury,

2)     Satvas (Vega) in the West, affiliated to Planet Venus,

3)     Vanant (Antares) in the South, affiliated to Planet Jupiter,

4)     Haptrang (Pleiades) in the North, affiliated to Planet Mars.

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