The Travelling Parsi

The Travelling Parsi is online. I finally did it!

This is my labour of odd ball laughs, the occasional sneeze and the frequent swearing.  Enjoy this quick, funny read. Figure out who a Parsi is and why he’s so wonderful and weird.

Visit the book site :

(Download the book on Amazon or Smashwords. Please feel free to force your friends and family to buy it. A little threat goes a long way! )

The reason I wrote this book was very simple. I got fed up of hearing HUH? when I said I was born a Zoroastrian Parsi. People know the book Thus Spake Zarathustra by Nietzsche but surprisingly few know the main protagonist. This isn’t a book about that, though. This is just a funny read about understanding the nuances of this tiny global community, in the modern context, with all the influences of the Persian empire, England, migration to India and nurturing the twin legacies of Freddie Mercury and Zubin Mehta.

Told from a satirical POV, it will reveal to you, if you don’t know, the meaning of being a Parsi today.



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