A Look at Contemporary Parsi Life

Some very interesting pics –  –  Photographs by Sue Darlow

Staircase at the Asiatic Library in Mumbai, with a marble statue of Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, first Indian Baronet (1783 – 1859). Jamsetjee was the leading entrepreneur and philanthropist of his time. 1999.

Roshan and Norshir Mistri at home in Singapore, 2004. Norshir’s uncle Navroji R. Mistri arrived in Singapore in 1909 and built up a very successful business. In recognition of Navroji’s philanthropic services to the people of Singapore, the City Council named Mistri Road after him.

Vada Dastur (High Priest) Khurshed Dastoor, before his elevation to High Priest, with his young daughter and behind him his late father, the previous Vada Dastur Kekobad Dastoor. Udwada 1999

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