Breakfast like a Bawa: 5 must-try Parsi breakfasts

You cannot miss the distinct old-world charm of Parsi cafes- the high ceilings, dusty chandeliers, slowly turning ceiling fans, ubiquitous antique wall clock, quirky quotes and posters on the crumbling walls, chequered table cloth and the endearingly eccentric people who run it. Parsis play a huge role in giving character to the city.

Likewise, their food is simple with a distinct flavour. Their love for edu (eggs) can be seen in their breakfast like in all other meals. A wise Bawa once said, when in doubt, break an egg. Here are some of the most delightful Parsi breakfasts (more like breakfast experiences) in town:

Brun Maska @ Yazdani bakery and cafe

Akuri @ Kyani and Co

Sali par edu @ Jimmy Boy or By the way

Parsi Pora @ Kala Ghoda Café

Mutton Cutlet @ RTI (Ratan Tata Institute)

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These are the kind of rules Parsi cafes used to put up 🙂


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