The miracle of Dastur Pesuji

Posted by: Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram

How the power of our Manthra prayers and the Amal of a revered priest conquered the toughest of evil spirits

Roj Govad Mah Tir, 1378 Yz.


In my earlier post on Bhulki Daakan, we saw how the Parsis of Navsari used the services of a Hindu exorcist to rid the possession of a young Parsi maiden from the clutches of an evil witch. Many readers wrote back to ask as to why the Parsis did not use the services of the many pious and experienced Mobeds of Navsari to cure Dhunmai. I have no answer to that question, since I was merely reporting on the incident which happened more than a century ago. However, there is another well known incident of a similar type, where the services of a revered Mobed Saheb were used with amazing results. This is the story of Dastur Pesuji of Surat.

This incident took place in Surat more than 200 years ago. As with stories handed down through the oral tradition, it is difficult to put an exact date to the events, but definitely this is quite an old episode, somewhere around the time when the British were first making inroads into west India. Surat, at that time was under Mughal rule and the local affairs were looked after by a Nawab, who reported to the Mughal emperor.


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