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Interview: Syncing With Sound Designer Sanaya Ardeshir aka Sandunes

Sandunes, Sanaya Ardeshir at Sula Fest

One of the hottest acts to emerge over the last couple of years, Sandunes needs no introduction to lovers of electronic, garage and dub step. The young Mumbai based music producer, composer and synth player draws her influences from the London underground with a unique South Asian feel. Not to mention her training as a pianist and keyboard player and early influences in jazz and blues.
Mumbai girl Sanaya Ardeshir aka Sandunes played to a packed house in ‘Atmasphere’ at the recently concluded Sula Fest 2015 hosted by Sula Vineyards. In a rapid Q&A, she talks about performing at Sula, upcoming projects, new inspirations and why Pune beats Mumbai on the gig circuit.
What was it like performing at Sula Fest 2015?
Great! Sunny, warm, and full to the brim with bubbly people!
You’re musical influences are varied – from Jazz and Blues to London electronic sounds – any new inspirations, musically or otherwise?
Yes, been greatly inspired by some South American bands, some Australian electronic acts and some local talent too.
You’re a Mumbai girl – do the city and its sounds inspire you?
The city keeps providing food for thought and subsequently fodder for my creativity – it’s always challenging and yet there are always opportunities. I do think Mumbai is FAR too noisy though!
You’ve performed at quite a few venues and festivals across India. Which city audience / gig would you rate as your best?
Pune is a great city for gigs – I always have a great time playing at High Spirits there.
What’s next in terms of your musical journey? Any Bollywood collaborations?
Lots of new stuff on the cards… Gigs early this summer in the USA and then some more travel. Collaborations are ongoing and new material coming out soon too.
How supportive has your family been of your career choice?
Super supportive. My family is full of music lovers and musicians.
I believe travel is your second big love. A must-visit destination for you is?
Cape town, South Africa.
What’s your advice to all the young girls out there who want to do something different?
Do it! Be courageous and take steps towards building the life for yourself that you imagine.

Sandunes + Squidworks | LFTC

Published on May 31, 2013

Sandunes and Squidworks collaborate on stage at Live from The Console, and speak to us about the growing homegrown electronica scene in India.

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