“Do Not Fence Me In”

“Do Not Fence Me In”

In the October Issue

Of the Fezana journal

The main issue was

The main being
(We all the reason)

“Tear down this wall”

And let the “fresh air in”

Closing the blinds

As well as the drapes

Is not doing anybody

By stuffing the mind
As well as the soul

If one wishes

For the Zoroastrian Community

To function as a whole

Please “Do not Fence Us In”

Let us rise from the ashes

Like the Phoenix

Soar like an eagle

High above

If the community

Is to survive

“Do not fence us in”

Playing Russian Roulette

With the Pristine Message

Is only hurting our progeny

So open  the cage

Please “Do Not Fence us In”

……………….Farida Bam







  • Well said,
    as eventually the roots 3000 years and more will awaken in the hearts of the Din resulting in a smooth revolution bringing joy and happieness in this battered world………..perhaps not in our lifetime but it has already started, unfortunately instead of rejoicing and welcoming our people back we are shunning them but these misguided people will soon see the light and join this historical event.

  • Dilnavaz Buhariwala

    Dear Yazdi
    I am a regular reader of Zoroastrian. Net.Recently I went through Rituals of our religion there I found some prayers recited by one of our dastoorji.
    I would like Ardibesh yaste and if you can jashan ceremony prayers.
    Do you think you could help me out. As I have heard that if Ardibesh yaste if prayed near a sick person he recovers fast.
    Thanks n regards
    Please do reply.

  • Zoroastrianism is like a drop of milk. If you mix it or put it in a barrel of muddy water, you will get only muddy water. This is the result we will get nothing else.

  • One has to wake up to the thought that very soon there will be no religion called Zoroastrianism. By being laissez faire it’s not helping our community.

    Just do not talk but walk the walk

    So please wake up & smell the roses & help tear down the wall!

    United we stand Divided we fall

  • Farrokh R. Khodaiji

    To our Zoroastrian brethren,
    My new year wishes for 2015 to my friends was:
    1. To concentrate on prayers and not rituals;
    2. To think about the living and not the dead;
    3. To promote the Parsi community, as all others as doing so;
    4. To remember exclusivity will bring doom.
    5. Calling ourselves enlightened means the WOMEN in our
    community have EVERY right that the men have, INCLUDING
    6. To remember that organ and blood donation is the HIGHEST

    Absolutely, Ms. Farida Bam, let the us open the windows of our
    mind and BREATHE FREELY.

    The poem is lovely and preceptive.

    Farrokh R, Khodaiji.

  • Firstly, the Athoran strangehold over the hereditary clergy should be dissolved any eligible Behdin should be allowed to practise even in Udwada and other Atashbehram and Agiaries. Why only dastur family children become navar and martab. Why not allow it to become universal. Dastur Khurshed proclaims to be a reformist why is he shying from this basic freedom.

    Secondly, the elitist approach of the BPP Trustees and other Trustees which are actually a vice like syndicate. They should be forced to resign. They threaten old tenants due to their money and muscle power. They misuse the law to settle scores with poor tenants.

    Let us see if we have the resolve to even carryout the above two single programs. Other things will automatically follow.

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