Music Night at the OZCF

Music Night at the OZCF
It is envisaged that our community members will build this centre, Our Centre, by providing labour and expertise wherever possible, along with expert technical direction from professionals. We will engage architects and building professionals, hopefully from within our community, to guide us as we spend weekends building our vision, brick by brick, with our own hands and heart.We shall all be proud that this centre will be our community centre, every one of us, for the present generation and for our children’s future. It will ultimately serve to ensure the preservation of our rich culture and heritage, and promote awareness and recognition of our ancient Zoroastrian religion, within and outside our community, from generation to generation.

Date: Saturday, February 28, 2015
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: OZCF
Cost: $10 per person
Description: Music Night at the OZCF
Kermin Byramjee at 905-845-3480  ; 905-845-3480 or kermin101 ( @ )
Rumi Jasavala at 905-257-7864 ;  905-257-7864 or rumijas ( @ )
Followed the OZCF Sweepstake Draw at 9pm for the 5th prize,
Ipad Mini (Valued at $430)
Draw will be broadcast live over the internet on our website at

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  • Ushta

    The following comment is an off topic. I would like to know if I could post poems on Zoroastrianism on this website? Whatever be your decision.

    Would appreciate reply

    Thanking you

    Choicest Blessings


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