Mancherji’s – probably the only Parsi food joint in Kolkata

Of all the Indian cuisines, parsi cuisine is one of the most underrated one. Probably, this is due to the fact that the parsi population in India is slowly diminishing. However, there is a joint in Kyd street where we could find some authentic parsi dish. Its named after the owner ‘Mancherji’s”. The place is owned by a parsi gentleman and his family. But, the problem is, due to market demand, they’ve started making bengali regular dishes and makes parsi items only on request. So, we met there, made some prior appointments and started our journey into parsi cuisine. 

How to go and when to go: 

The formal address for this joint is 14, kyd street, near MLA hostel. If you start from the chowringhee towards kyd street, on your right will be the MLA hostel. Near to its gate no 2, there is an SBI ATM. Just opposite to that, lies Mancherji’s- a small shack. Its extremely easy to locate, provided you know what you’re looking for. 




Statutory warning: do not expect any of the fine dining experience here. You’ll see some plastic chairs and tables thrown around and the daily menu written on the white-board on the wall. You may start cursing me, because probably, all you can find is some bengali item’s names but behold- move a little down and you’ll find the items. You’re now allowed to rub your eyes again seeing the price. Yes, they’re that cheap, but not quality/ quantity-wise. Go ahead, gorge on them, eat your heart out- its difficult to cross 400/- per head for even a heavy-eater like me. 

DSC_7277 DSC_7276

The food:

We asked the owners for their suggestion and we were offered a typical 6 course parsi meal.

The fist item was chicken farcha. Its basically a parsi version of KFC styled batter-fried chicken. One portion consists of one big piece (what else can you expect in 50/- ???) only its more on the softer side than the crunchier version. Wholesome, very very less spicy and was really a good start. 

Chicken farcha

The next item was Egg akuri with tawa roti. This egg akuri is the parsi version of scrambled egg. Only its more full-bodied with onion, tomato, coriander leaves and some indian spices. We had it with tawa roti, but I personally felt it would go better with some pav / buns. This item can be tried during the lunch time and will be a good choice. 

Egg akuri Egg akuri 2

Kuchumber is a sharp, small diced parsi salad with cucumber, onion, tomato and green chilly and was promptly served next. Along with it we got brown rice. It was rice tossed with caramel water, bereshtah (sliced, deep brown fried onion) and garam masala (particularly cinnamon) and thus got its typical color. This brown rice is the standard accompaniment with the normal parsi dishes, as we were told. 

Kuchumber Brown rice

Next we got the main course of the day- chicken dhansak. This is a unique meat dish from the parsi kitchen. This is dal diced meat with 4 varieties of dal (arhar dal, chana dal, red musoor dal and brown musoor dal). Its typically flavored with with dhansak masala comprising of 15 masalas (kept secret) with ginger, garlic, coriander and mint leaves and green chilly. This is a heavy thick-gravy dish. Its normally cooked with mutton, but here, in mancherji’s they normally prepare it on every Saturday with chicken due to low-market-demand. Its very mild tasted, yet keeps its distinct flavor intact. Here, they give a full bowl of gravy and one good-sized meat piece. And, brown rice comes complementary with it- a complete meal. 

Dhaansaak Dhansaak (2)

The second main course that we got was Sali Murg. Its normally a chicken dry curry cooked with apricot and covered with fried potato straws. In mancherji’s however, all we got was chicken kassa covered with potato straw and lacked the taste of apricot, which normally makes it distinct. The taste is still good. 

Chicken Sali

Its dessert time finally, and we got the dish of the day- Lagan Nu Custard. This is the normal egg custard with lots of dry fruits and nuts. Tastes heavenly and was the perfect ending of a good meal. Sadly, they don’t make this dish on a regular basis and prepares them on bulk order (min 10 no). This dish is a must-have in this place and not-to-be-missed. 

Lagan Nu Custard

Final take:

This joint prepares some good food but is poorly managed. They’ve succumbed to the market demand and started preparing bengali food than sticking to their original dishes. However, if one wants some parsi food in Kolkata, this is probably the only option. They can prepare other parsi delicacies also on request and confirmation and does outdoor-catering also. They can be reached on9830254120

Cheers and bon apetite !!!

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