Now Rooz Table – The Bible & BC Parliament House

Now Rooz is on the way lets spread the real philosophy of Now Rooz.
Please pass this on to everyone you know

Usually Banks and other business in Persian populated areas display the Now Rooz table.
It would be good to pass this information to them too.
SHARAB -wine is an Arabic word the Persian word is MAI & BADEH so also is SOMAGH a Suryani word
So the Haft Seen/Sheen was a modern disguise (in ISIS infested waters )
Now is the Time go back to the Origin.
With Regards

Fariborz Rahnamoon



  • Read the adobe document. It refers to the bible and mathews writing referi g to the legend of the Magi bringing gifts.
    This reference of the Magi bringing gift was a strategy to plant a story to show that the Zoroastrian priests were awed by Christ. This as the Byzantine Empire wanted to convert Persia into Christianity and overthrow Zoroastrianism. Also as the Jews did not take Christ as their saviour ,the strategy was to use this story as a leverage as the Jews respected the Zoroastrians after Kurush the great (Cyrus) rebuilt the Jewish temple and freed them.

    No where else does the story of the Magi ever come up..nor in Greek or any ancient Persian literature.
    It must not be forgotten that the only reason that the Arabs could overthrow the Zoroastrian Empire is due to the Byzantium wars with SasanId Persia over 700 years which was fought as Btzantine wanted to Christianise Persia and thus broke off Armenia from Zoriastrianism. St Vartaan is known yo have burnt down fire temples and consecrate them into churches. Ironically as the zoroastrians forget their history, especially of the Sasanid-Byzantine wars , we may fall into a trap and revisit the strategies our forfathers fought to survive as Zoroastrians.

  • Nooroze Phirooze

    Oh! what a relief it is!
    Can’t wait to welcome
    The season of Spring
    When the snow starts to give way
    To little shoots of green
    Peeping from the ground underneath

    Birds are flocking to the trees
    Building beautiful sturdy intricate nests
    Amongst the fresh green leaves
    Calling to each other in full throated ease
    “Welcome! back! How have you been”?

    Gardens are no more filled with snow
    Beautiful flowers of various shapes & hues
    Under blue skies & sunshine
    Proudly glows
    Wafting & waving to passers by
    “Just would like to say Hi”

    Monotony in life would be dull & grey
    We would welcome Change in each
    And every way
    So have the guts & the courage
    To right the wrong
    Get off your high horses
    And Play The Game!

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