The Persian Rite of Spring.. Nauruz

As I write the Earth is spinning towards the Spring Equinox, the Moment of NAVRUZ, an appropriate time to share with you,  this link to a beautiful multimedia show on YouTube,  “The Rites of Spring” created by Niloufar Talebi, that,  I’m sure every Zarathushti  would enjoy.

Though she starts of in Farsi, the explanation in English follows.


Rusi Sorabji


Please feel free to pass this link on to all Zarathushtis you know of…..





  • It is so rewarding to see my brothers and sisters are reviving the appreciation of Life that has given the world our civil and humane traditions and culture. I am so very proud to have lived long enough to see this beautiful and very earthly culture to the world. No people anywhere in the world has been more aware of nature than us Zartoshtians. I salute you all and wish your continuing this very Persian costume.

  • Navroze Mubarak to you all

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