Some Parsis no

More believe in Charity

But Racism Discrimination

And Bigotry

Are hearts so

Black as coal

Or like a very

Heavy stone?

Intimidating and banning

Prayers for the broken hearted

And soothe a grieving soul

Why should these noble priests

Given in to the BPP and

Play a sinful part?

You are like a

“Racist clan”

Frome places of

Prayers you should be banned

Robbing from the poor

Giving to the rich

What are your other

Devious plans?

Don’t you have

Any regrets

Or an ounce of shame?

When the Great Call comes

The Sunset gleams

Ahura Mazda will definitely

Play The Game!


Fa B <>


  • Hormuzdiar Rana

    Prayers and rituals are not denied to them……they can pray wherever they want……but why the insistence to have them performed only at doongerwadi???? A genuine prayer always reaches the Lord…….IMHO this is only one-up -man ship that is being carried out…..btw two warring ideologies …..does not augur well for our community,for either party to make such an issue of it..i see nothing
    racist or shameful…..all I perceive is a lack of spiritual awareness.

  • True !

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    • I disagree! If you are aware of the translation of Yenghe Hatam wherein every one is Equal.

      2ndly just by getting the prayers done at Doogarwadi doesn;t assure a place in Heaven. He judges according to the quality of life that one leads on this earth.

      • All other communities obey their religious laws, only in the Parsi community do the reformists want to totally hijack the religious laws. If so why follow Zoroastrian religion, they can start their own cult/sect. The reformist have succeeded to a large extent of destroying the ethos of the Zoroastrian community and their secular identity have been misconceived resulting in the total destruction of the Zoroastrian way of life.

  • Are you aware because of Hatred Racism Bigotry our entire ancient civilization has been hacked to the ground in Mosul. Does it even bother you

    Reformists are trying to right the wrong that has gone for generations.

    Just because there is a Zoroastrian Lady married to a Non Zoroastrian man doesn’t ,mean she is going to hell!!!

    Answer me this why is a Zoroastrian Man married to a Non Zoroastrian woman her children are accepted into the fold? & not women’s.

    Why don’t you ask Ervad Kotwal who believes in a pure Zoroastrian Race why did he do an about face when he agreed to Mr Nusserwanji Wadia’s request for wanting back into the fold inspite of married to a non Zoroastrian woman?

  • freddiemovdawala

    Very True

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