Meet Youngest Female Chef – Anahita Dhondy

Anahita Dhondy is a Chef Manager at the very famous SodaBottleOpenerWala. Being a Parsi herself, she brings in the trademark flavours of Parsi food at two restaurants of SodaBottleOpenerWala in Delhi(Khan Market) and Gurgaon (Cyberhub).

Being a Parsi, it isn’t difficult for me to cook and teach the cuisine I’ve grown up eating. There are however many hurdles that have come in the way as it’s a completely new cuisine for the general public to accept and enjoy. To maintain the authenticity of the cuisine, I have to personally check on all the dishes in the morning, and tasting is the only way to assure that. When we just opened our doors, I used to check every single thing myself, now my chefs have understood the cuisine, so they do the checking and I overlook.

I come from a family of creative people, my dad’s into advertising and marketing, and my mum is a home-baker and has been catering Parsi food from home for the past 25 years, much before anyone used to sell it in Delhi. My palette was exposed to the most different kinds of cuisines cooked at home, and travels, in India and abroad. By the time I was 10, I started helping my mum ice cakes, cook along with her, and that’s how I kept building my passion. Ever since then, there’s been no turning back. From the best tiffin in school, now it’s something the entire city is enjoying.

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