Now Rooz Khojasteh Baad

Spring is on its way to be heralded by the Equinox

So I take this opportunity to wish you & family


We in North America have shown that we are ready to listen and use our wisdom rather than blind faith. We can proudly let the world know that our ancestors were not limited to just THREE WISE MEN.

Let’s not minimise the fact that they knew the solar system thousands of year before Galileo, for they celebrated Now Rooz, Tirgan, Mehregan and Yalda and Gahanbars. That they knew there were seven continents (Haft Keshwar Zamin); let’s propose to the Olympic committee to add two more rings on the flag. Let’s ask for the relocation of the Meridian to Nim Ruz the only scientific meridian and call it the “MERIDAN OF ZARATHUSHTRA”. (Yasna 103-4)


But first let’s revisit our own calendars and unify it. Even our Fasli calendar does not meet the standard for it announces Summer 3 days ahead while it announces autumn and winter 6 days ahead? How can we call it Fasli if it does not announce the season at the proper time.

To be truly following Zarathushtra’s teaching requires the use of wisdom and not blind faith. Here is the ancient calendar reconstructed, please have a good look at it read about it and if it appeals to your WISDOM use it. Person by person each one for them-self. Thanks


Please check out the calendar for 3753 /  2015-16 here



To Read about the ancient calendar click here


With Regards

Fariborz Rahnamoon

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  • S Niloofer/EMD/MUM


    Please can you tell me which animal is our NAVROZE SETTING on this year and if possible color also.

    thanks, and wish everyone “A BRIGHT & PROSPEROUS NAVROZE”

    kind regards, niloofer. ..

    On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 1:24 AM, Parsis, Iranis, Zarathushtis – ALL Under

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