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We have a trust called the Kalyan Parsi Anjuman where we have an Agiary and two charitable buildings meant only for Zoroastrians. If any couple is not getting married because they don’t have a place to stay, please do get in touch with me and I will be happy to help by granting you a tenancy in a flat at Kalyan. Needless to say this would be completely free of cost other than the monthly rentals.

You may get in touch with me at telephone number +91 66378434/5/6/7. Our offices are situated at 24, Calicut Street, Ballard estate, Mumbai 400001. Dosu Bhiwandiwalla

Apply early to avoid dissappointment


  • A Very Noble gesture in these days when we find corrupt office beareres of Mumbai Parsi Punchayet alloting flats for money

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  • You perhaps mean ‘Leasing’ and not ‘Tenancy’; and, ‘License Fee’ and not ‘Rent’. You may check it out with your legal advisors.

  • That’s what we call: “Parsi Thy Name is Charity”

  • I have an urgent plea; There are many unoccupied flats in the baugs whose owners are living abroad can easily surrender their flats so poor needy unfortunate people can have a roof over their heads, Also the colonies have residents who are pretty well off & can afford residents somewhere else. what are the Trustees of these colonies doing about it?


  • Better find out why so many flats in Kalyan Parsi Anjuman Buildings are lying vacant and unoccupied, while other flats in Kalyan are commanding such a high price. It will interest readers to know that even though each tenant is charged a monthly amount towards water charges, the landlord trust has not paid water bills issued from June 2014 onwards. Hence Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation (KDMC) has cut off the water supply. The details of the outstanding bills are:
    Connection No. C020036025: Amt due: Rs.8,594.55 + Penalty Rs.845
    Connection No. C020036049: Amt due: Rs.9,000.55 + Penalty Rs.670
    Connection No. C020036038: Amt due: Rs.6,473.51 + Penalty Rs.747
    I could have uploaded the image file about the unpaid bills, but unfortunately the site does not permit uploading of .jpg images.

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