Monograph on Zoroastrian Heritage & Nutrition – for Distribution

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Some of the most popular pages on the Zoroastrian Heritage website and blog are the ones relating to Nutrition – in particular the monograph, “Nutrition – Were Ancient Zoroastrians & Aryans Vegetarian?” In addition to seeking answers, the monograph broadly addresses Zoroastrian principles and values.

Complete and abridged pdf versions of the monograph are available for download at:


A previous monograph, “Farohar/Fravahar Motif. What Does It Represent? Use of Icons & Symbols in Zoroastrianism” can be downloaded at:

Complete: (64,426 downloads to March 26, 2015)


Abridged: (24,203 downloads to March 26, 2015)



K. E. Eduljee

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Courtesy : Dolly Dastoor

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