Appeal to preview and purchase my book ‘Enlarged Compendium of Zoroastrian Calendars

I am a civil engineer settled in Bangalore, India. I have authored a book entitled ‘Enlarged Compendium of Zoroastrian Calendars – 1384 Yz (2014 CE) through 1500 Yz (2132 CE) under Kadmi, Shenshai & Fasli Systems’ which is available for preview and purchase’s store at

In this oeuvre, I have attempted to present the Gregorian dates for all days (Roj’s) and months (Mah’s) for each month of 118 Yazdegerdi years from 1384 Yz (2014 CE) through 1500 Yz (2132 CE) in such a manner that this information is available on the same page under all three systems, viz. Kadmi, Shenshai & Fasli, currently in use for Zoroastrian Calendars. Moreover, I have included information pertaining to formation of the three systems of Zoroastrian calendars as well as evolution of names of Roj’s and Mah’s from the Pre-Gathic to Post-Pahalvi Eras. A schedule of Zoroastrian Festivals has been included, too. I hope that this book will be immensely useful to all practising Zoroastrians, both the clergy and the laity. I also hope that this book will help students of Zoroastrianism. I shall thank you to kindly include this message in your forthcoming bulletin / newsletter / blog for the information of all your readers.

 Yours truly,

Rohinton Erach Kadva  <>

Bangalore, India


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