Being a girl

Ain’t a sin

No matter what

Colour Caste or Creed

For that matter what

Religion she was born in

We do not live in

Ivory Towers

Treated like Queens

Carried around by

Bronzed muscle men

In Palanquins

Women may be Aryan

Dravidian Yellow Black or White

All we ask is a sprinkling of love

Understanding of Dignity

Respect as well Equality

Women ain’t a mold of clay

To be bruised battered abused

Each & everyday

As well fashion them

In anyway

Women are human beings

With emotion & real feelings

No can force

Their will on others

As we have a free will

So unchain the shackles

Of tyranny

As we want to

Break Free!!


Farida Bamji


  • Beautiful! Thank you.

  • Dear Farida,
    Your poem on Girls made a nice reading.
    I used to read your poems on ‘creatingawarness’ group which sadly dissolved due to bickering by our humdins! A pity that we could not survive discussions on emails and what can we expect from such a lot for other creative thoughts.
    My name may ring a bell to you.
    Wising you all the best,
    Armaity Suresh Patel

    • Thank you Armaity for your feed back. Your name does ring a bell. There are other Zoroastrian groups where I post my poems;


      Xsatra@yahoogroups.com etc

      Ahura-Mazda@yahoogroups,com etc.

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