Tikka Tikki &Spicy Bites

Tikka, Tikki & Spicy Bites- our new ebook featuring a global twist on Indian kebabs, tikka, chutneys and more, is out this weekend. (And doing quite well so far!) Capture

On my site, I’m running an introductory 20% discount (use code: INTRO20) for this week only. Here is the link (use the add to cart button): http://www.perisspiceladle.com/tikka-tikki-spicy-bites/
If like me, you prefer to download your ebooks on Amazon, it’s also available on all local Amazon sites (note that the discount code doesn’t apply there). Here is the Amazon link: http://amzn.to/1QrTOtO

With summer and the holidays coming up, this is one book you’ll enjoy using. Feel free to share this with friends who like Indian food too.

Time for wake up your spice-buds, and get some kebabs into your meals!
Thanks and have a great week ahead…
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