Lesson 4 – Hormazd Khodaae

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Lesson – Hormazd Khodaae

I hope that you are enjoying the prayer lessons. The Hormazd Khodaae prayer, if recited slowly and with proper understanding, offers us an opportunity to look within our self. It provides us an introspection of our mistakes and weakness, to repent for our deficiencies and to make a resolve to renounce all our shortcomings and change our behavior.

With proper understanding of the meaning of what I pray, the prayer becomes a Guiding Force in my life. When I make a habit of saying my prayers slowly and with full understanding of its meanings, then I will begin to notice a big change in my behavior and attitude in life. I will begin to feel better, more confident of myself and my ability to do the right things in my day to day life. As I pray regularly and with full understanding of what I am praying, a flame is kindled in the depths of my consciousness, as if a light is turned on in a dark room. I begin to see within myself. I discover my selfishness, my silly pride, my fears, my greed, my mistakes, my blunders.

I begin to develop a sense of moral obligation, what I should or should not do in my daily life. I begin to develop intellectual humility. I begin to see my ego and control it. I begin to develop a strong foundation of my own value system. I begin to realize that this life is so short and time is so limited, that I better not waste any time. I begin to ask myself what I want out of this life. What is my purpose in this life? What do I want to achieve and what do I want to leave behind me, when I pass on. Saying my prayers regularly and with full understanding reinforces my intellect, vigor and moral stamina to do the right things in my daily life.

Prayer is not just worship.  It is the most powerful form of energy that one can generate. Prayer is a Force as real as the gravitational force. By saying my prayers with full understanding, I achieve a complete and harmonious assembly of body, mind and spirit. This gives me my unshakable strength and faith in Ahura Mazda. It is through prayers that I can attain the fullest development of my personality — the ultimate integration of my highest faculties.

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Hormazd Khodaae

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