Improving the Performance of Sponsorship

Improving the Performance of Sponsorship by Ardi Kolah has recently been published by Routledge.  Ardi Kolah who lectures at Henley Business School has written this book that covers how sponsorship is now an essential part of the marketing mix, based on his experience within the industry that spans 20 years plus the research he carried out for the Government in the wake of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Ardi has been invited to speak by the WZCC, holds the prestigious UK Sponsorship Award for his work on the Raindance Film Festival / British Independent Film Awards and the book covers all types of sponsorship, not just sport.
In the chapter on corporate social responsibility, there is a reference to the ethics of the Zoroastrian community:
In many respects, having CSR objectives that run in parallel with commercial objectives helps to elevate sponsorship to new heights. This is largely because the level of engagement with desired audiences and customer segments is that much deeper and the sponsorship programme itself is much less self-serving as a result, creating a ‘triple bottom-line’ impact for the brand owner, its desired customers/clients and wider society. This new paradigm in sponsorship can be accurately described as ‘enlightened self-interest’ and is definitely shaping the agenda. For example, many global brand owners, such as Unilever and The Olympic Partners including Coca-Cola and McDonald’s haven’t just paid lip-service to this principle but have staked their future commercial success on achieving a position where the enterprise is built on the values of sustainability, improved well-being, care of the environment and enhancing the quality of life for millions of people around the world.
Another notable exponent of ‘enlightened self-interest’ is Tata, one of the most successful multi-national organisations in the world that’s built on ancient Zoroastrian values that place contribution to the wider community on an equal basis as wealth creation and profit. In many respects, CSR has ceased to exist outside of sponsorship in today’s modern business world and rather than being an add-on, CSR is increasingly seen as intrinsic to the enterprise and to modern global sponsorship.
The book has also attracted some strong endorsements, including this from ZTFE Patron Lord Karan F Bilimoria CBE DL, Chairman of the Zoroastrian All Party Parliamentary Group:
A thorough and detailed understanding of sponsorship is an integral part of building any brand and Kolah offers readers an educated guide on the subject. Improving the Performance of Sponsorship is an outstanding piece of scholarship on a subject of vital importance to every business and this book will undoubtedly prove a valuable tool to marketers and entrepreneurs from start-ups and multinationals alike.
Lord Karan Bilimoria CBE DL, Chairman, Cobra Beer Partnership
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Malcolm M Deboo
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