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All Educational Institutions of the Patuck Polytechnic Trust have opened their doors to Students this month. Parsi Times gives you a glimpse of the progressive, pioneering and impressive Campus in the hope that Parsi students of all ages turn toward these doors to the future.

Give a man a fish today; you have fed him for today.Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.” With this in mind, Rustomji Hormusji Patuck or Rustomba, as he was fondly called, decided to open a school, with boarding and lodging, with a practical bias in 1936.

Today, Patuck in the hands of Chairman Adil J. Patuck and his efficient and effervescent team of educationists have turned that small 12 student beginning of 1936 into a Degree College and Junior College, a High School and Primary School and a Nursery as well with well over 4000 students.

There are many wonderful things you will notice about the Patuck Campus when you are on it. The first is how the minute you turn off the bustling highway and into its gates off of the Western Express Highway at Santacruz, the noise just stops! This probably has something to do with the startling amount of trees and green cover that wrap this educational haven. You will notice the fruit and herb garden, the pretty little Nursery School with its walls painted Disney style and the tall new building that blends in with the original petit structure by its side.

Each and every classroom on the Campus is installed with an Educomp Smart Class System. This system equips each class with a projector facility and smart learning and teaching capabilities.

The roof of the extremely clean campus building is fitted with a state of the art solar power system. As far as we know this system is only present in an IIT campus in Mumbai and Patuck! A fair amount of the energy needs of the campus are generated here.

As part of their eco friendly nature amidst the fruit gardens and the greenery are vermiculture pits that ensure that waste is properly managed at the Institute.

Initiatives like these not only project the visionary outlook of the administration but teach students that there are better, more improved ways to add to their quality of life.

One wonderful thing about Mumbai, the big bad city is the amount of opportunity that she breeds. Patuck isn’t just another Educational Institute in her concrete jungle but an opportunity to grow and learn.

A Course that can change the Course of your Life

The Patuck Technical High School and Junior College is an institute of empowerment. Education sometimes leaves a lot to be taught by the real world. At the Technical section of Patuck however, you can do a course and train with practical knowledge in fields like Accounting and Auditing, Auto Engineer Technician Training, Building Maintenance, Electronics, Mechanical technology, Medical Laboratory Training and more. A course like this can change the course of your life and is offered free of cost (Tuition fees are waived) for Parsis.

At Patuck there is a 0% tuition fee for Parsis. This basically means that any Parsi who is interested in education right from Nursery to Vocational Courses can come in and avail the facility and brighten his or her future.

For further enquiries, Contact: Patuck Polytechnic Trust; Telephone No.:26680939/26683806.


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