Lesson 5 – Jasa Mey Avanghey Mazda

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Lesson – Jasa Mey Avanghey Mazda

I hope that you are enjoying the prayer lessons and making an effort to internalize the teachings of our religion. Study each lesson and then practice reciting the prayer word by word until you can get the feel of its meanings. After you master the lesson and internalize its contents, try and teach it to a friend. This will then result in development of a strong foundation of your value system. Dasturji Minocher Homji always stressed to us, that the best way to learn is: “Each one Teach one.”

As you perfect your recitation of the Hormazd Khodaae by praying slowly and with proper understanding of each word, it will offer you an opportunity to look within yourself. You will be able to question your mistakes and weaknesses and repent for your deficiencies. You will be able to make a resolve to renounce all your shortcomings and change your behavior.

After having performed the self-check, we now move on to the next prayer of Jasa Mey Avanghey Mazda and work on mastering it in the same manner. I begin this prayer, asking for Ahura Mazda’s help. Then, I declare that I am a Mazda worshipper and follower of Asho Zarathushtra. Next I pledge to follow the twelve teachings of our religion. I list them one by one and pledge that I will practice them in my daily life. I acknowledge that all my blessings come from Ahura Mazda. I end the prayer by impressing upon my mind that Such is my reverence to my religion.

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