DSCN0282Minoo Jokhi; who is Parsi Community’s answer to Shakuntala Devi recently went to Bangalore on an eight day visit where the Mathemagician performed six shows enthralling hundreds of schools kids; youngsters and Professionals and House-Wives of all ages. People were simply amazed and astonished to see Minoo’s Brilliance with Numbers and also encouraged by the fact that Minoo was a BIG FAILURE in Maths in his childhood and school days and how he improved to this level which proves that you can do wonders in life at any stage.

Minoo was so weak in Maths that he would find doing easy addition sums a big problem all throughout his school life. His classmates were also very heartless that they constantly mocked him and made fun of him. But Minoo who could have accepted that he wasn’t good in MATHS could have tried to be good in something else but he wanted to overcome his MATH PHOBIA. He relentlessly tried and tried but never gave up. He faced lots of trouble but he overcomed it all.

Today this Mathemagician does miracles with numbers. He knows the calendar for past 400 years and is this improving by learning more. Ask him 17th May 1993 and instantly he can say it was a Monday. He knows Maths Tables till 1,00,00,000 and Cube Roots till 1,00,00,00,000 and Square Roots till 10,00,000. He is also capable of multiplying at amazing speed and he also knows Squares, Cubes and Factorials. He also has a phenomenal memory and can remember over 2,000 phone numbers, mobile numbers and Date of Births. He never saves a number in his mobile since he remembers them ALL in his mind.  Minoo has travelled to many places displaying his talents. He has  performed in USA, Canada, Spain, Indonesia and in Sri Lanka he has made 7 visits displaying his Mathemagic Skills. He has performed over 650 Mathemagic Shows and has been all over Mumbai and also to Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala, Dharampur, Rajkot and Kolkata. Minoo loves to speak before an audience and he has absolutely no STAGE FEAR having won 14 FIRST PRIZES in PUBLIC- SPEAKING.

Minoo trains people including lots of school kids in his speciality MEMORY DEVELOPMENT COURSES where in a FUN CUM LEARN FRIENDLY APPROACH; he shares his knowledge with the participants. He is very patient and persistent and never gives up even on the weakest child. He believes if he could improve so can any other kid.

Minoo wants to spread his Classes far and wide and help all children realize their potential. He loves doing MATHEMAGIC SHOWS and wishes to travel to various places displaying his Maths Powers. He is also passionate about Numerology and loves to act. He has acted in a short film as well a Play. You are welcome to call him on 9821407519 for any guidance and his website is

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