Squash a Mile – 2015

Once again, the teenagers of the Bombay Gymkhana squash courts have taken up the Challenge of conducting the

Squash-a-Mile, a fund raiser event for V Care Foundation.

Just to give you a little background, Squash-a-Mile (SaM) is an initiative of the Squash fraternity, first conceived in the UK in 2010. It consists of a Run of an entire mile (1.6 km) shuttle-run between the front and back walls of the squash court ad measuring 9.75 metres, equating to 165 lengths of the court in total.  In 2011, the first SaM was held  in India under the auspices of the Bombay Gymkhana Club, to raise funds for Concern India. In 2012, the first SaM for V Care Foundation was held to raise funds for cancer treatment and medicines for poor cancer patients.

V Care Foundation is a 20 year NGO founded by Vandana Gupta, an inspiring cancer survivor who has helped make a difference to hundreds of cancer inflicted patients and families.

This year, two Nationally Ranked squash players take up this challenge :  16 year old Riddhi Sampat and 17 year old Sireena Divecha along with Rhea Advani and Rohaan Advani.  They aim to outdo last year’s collection of Rs. 11.7 lacs donated to the V Care Foundation.

Sireena Divecha :  98216 85566 / sireenardivecha@gmail.com

Click Here For the Powerpoint Presentation

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