• Jehangir Hansotia

    Dear Yazdi,

    Thank you for this excellent piece highlighting both the plight and the issues (in some cases bordering on the absurd) of why the Parsi religion is suffering the way it is. Please keep them coming.

    Also if possible I was wondering do you have a feature on old Parsi/Persian/Iranian myths and legends. I have recently started taking a very keen interest in my religion (admittedly I haven’t been a dutiful enough Zoroastrian to learn about my faith till now), and was hoping you might be able to point me to other sources where i can learn about it.


    Jehangir Hansotia

    On Fri, Jul 24, 2015 at 10:22 AM, Parsis, Iranis, Zarathushtis – ALL Under

    • Dear Jehangir,
      Thank you for the update. This site itself will have a lot of material for you to chew on. If you need more intense study, you may visit http://www.avesta.org where you will find multiple resources. After you finish with them, and you still yearn for more, please feel free to connect with me and I will give you more links.

      Best Wishes

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