Lesson 6 – Kusti Prayers

Lesson – Kushti Prayers

Having reviewed and internalized the first five lessons, it is important that each time that we perform our Kushti, we continue to master the understanding of each of our prayers and we strengthen our resolve to practice their teachings in our day to day life. This lesson will reinforce our understanding and help us towards achieving that goal.

After you master the lesson and internalize its contents, try and teach it to a friend. This will then result in development of a strong foundation of your value system. Dasturji Minocher Homji always stressed to us, that the best way to learn is: “Each one Teach one.”

If I perform the Kushti daily and regularly with full understanding of the meanings of the prayers, and, if I put into practice what it teaches me into my daily life, then, each time that I perform my Kushti:

  1. I will inform my mind.

  2. I will begin to reform myself, and

  3. I will begin to transform the world around me.

I will begin to lead a true spiritual life.

Here is a link to the sixth lesson,


As someone has well said, Prayer is not a “spare wheel” that you pull out when in trouble, but it is a “steering wheel” that directs us to the right path throughout our life.

Enjoy performing your Kushti prayers!

With best wishes for an enlightened community,

Kayomarsh P. Mehta

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