Breakfast of toast n butter,Cheese n bacon will always do,

Along with sunny-side-up eedoo;

Yet nothing to beat aapro sev n’ ravo

Sprinkled generously with mevo

Or eedapak, badampak or vasanoo


Curry n rice is all very nice

With pomfret, meat, bomlas, prawns galore,

I’ll take bomlas, though I love all,

Be it of Goa, Madras or Mangalore.


Aapro dhandaar nay patio

Paitt bhari ne chatio,

Or simply dhandaar n that heavenly dish,

The incomparable patra-fish.


Dhansaak ne kebab

Simply la-jawab.

Khichree n saas with kolmi is the most

Or humble rus chawal

With singh, potatoes n ghosh,

N ’pickle, kuchumber or simple lime

Turn these creations to something divine.


You simply can’t have tea

Without bhakhra, karkarias or popatji,

Or at least chapats hot or creamy oudh

Sprinkled with lots of chironji.

There’s kumas made with toddy,

Or similarly made sadhnas,

Or meva rich kervai,

Made from bananas.


But what really takes the cake

Are the khaman na larva

That mummaiji used to make,

N’ what excites most your gourmet libido

Is mewafull, ghee rich,

Delicious malido.


Masoor ma boocka,

Titori ne boomla sukhkha,

Papeta ma ghosh, kid roast,

And all sort of veggies

With ghosh of course;

But Parsis’ real favourite is – – – -per eeda,

Be it potatoes, tomatoes, bhaaji or bheeda;

Kheema, chicken shreds or brinjal,

Eeda goes rather well with ‘em all.


Chicken mai-vahlan, a dish we make

With more almonds n raisins then a Christmas cake.

Sali ma murghi, pulao daar

Along with savoury lagan nu achaar

Is what makes bearable any man’s life,

After facing a crotchety boss or a nagging wife.





  • ae…. sahebJi.. Bhai.. aaj thi to………””Muktad” to…….. pachhi…. aatlu badhu Kahyi Laiye to Bhanavanu…. (Reading) kevi rite fave… Hamnaa to….. Bhanva par Dhyaan……. Pachhi vichariye…!! Jamva mate.

  • Wish we had recipe for every dish that was mentioned (including the delicious “IRANI CHAI”)

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