Mother Teresa of Surat – Nergish Hadvaid

Friends I would love to share the story of a lady who has inspired me in a way to lead a better life, a more satisfied life. She has helped me to see a life with a completely different perspective. I have tried to use the best skills of my writing to capture her magnificent life in a very short autobiography. 

As a part of my contribution and love towards this amazing lady, I have attached a Free PDF here: Mother Teresa of Surat

But if you plan on Purchasing the book, the money will be sent to the lady. If she accepts then it will be notified to you or it will be donated to anyone who is in need. That is my assurance! The Book will be uploaded on Amazon and there will be an update in 24 hours. I will keep you posted about the changes. If you plan on purchasing the book, do let me know. That way I will be able to give you the details, where your money has been given. Till then have a great read ahead… Thank you all for your support.


  • A Beautiful real life account of Nergish Hadvaid, wherein she is referred as “Mother Teresa of Surat”. The Author Kushal Parikh has rightly started the story by asking ” What is success” And this lady truly defines what is success and it is the Blessings she receives from her selfless service…..made me cry and I will pray for her wellbeing….
    Thanks Kushal and Thank you Nergish Hadvaid,
    Regards Porus Satha (Salt Spring Island, Canada)

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  • Rukhsheen Vajifdar

    Thank you so much for showing us humanity exists Nergish Hadvaid..
    You are so humane, you make us believe you are what angels are made of..
    Thank you for writing about her Kushal Parekh.
    How may I get in touch with you to send some help for this beautiful kind lady?

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  • Goodness….as good as it gets! Hats off to Nergish for her Selfless service to the needy! After the sudden death of her husband Behram, in a car accident in Surat, Nergish immersed her life in following the profession of Behram, by becoming a Bone setter (Hadwaid) herself. Absolutely amazing life story!

  • Hats off to dear Nargishaunty Hadvaid for giving selfless service to the needy. May God shower the blessings for her good health. Next to Mother Teresa.

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